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We are conducting research in two broad areas:


Summer job 2014: programmer Applications due March 28 (and considered thereafter, until position filled) for a summer research programming job.

Summer job 2014: economics Applications due March 28 (and considered thereafter, until position filled) for a summer research job for an economics student (Honours BA, MA, PhD) or graduate.

IHSP internship: If you are interested in research related to the topics above, I typically take on one or more more students under the IHSP's winter or autumn internship programme for policy-related research. Students have tended to continue on with their project after the internship for an honours thesis, graduate thesis, or policy paper.

Alternatively, you can send me an email that includes the following information:

July 2013: I am currently looking for computer programmers, economists (advanced undergrad, graduate, or postdoc), a (postGIS) GIS specialist (PhD student), one physics undergrad, a project manager, and other highly motivated students.

Current students

Fatemeh Behzadnejad

Fatemeh is a PhD student at the department of Economics, McGill University. Her project is on the relation between weather fluctuations, local pollution, and subjective measures of well being. She is interested to see to what extent these measures depend on transient factors such as weather variations and short-term environmental quality. She is using evidence from the Canadian Community Health Survey and National population Health Survey.

Matthew Tenney

Bronwen Tucker

Bronwen Tucker is pursuing a B.A. & Sc. in Environment with a minor in Economics. Her primary research interests are policies & tools for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Bronwen has previously interned at a climate change consultancy researching emissions reduction projects for agriculture, energy, and urban transport, and at the Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre, doing research on diverting waste from landfills. On campus, she works as a coordinator for the Divest McGill campaign and sits on the Student Ambassador Board for the Office of Sustainability. At the IHSP, Bronwen is researching regional energy usage in Canada and the equity effects of existing climate policies.

Hugh Shiplett

Hugh Shiplett is currently a Master's Qualifying Year student in the Department of Economics at McGill University. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2010, with a double major in economics and philosophy. His interests include the intersections of Urban, Development, and Environmental Economics. At the IHSP, Hugh will be working on the creation of a high-resolution database for subjective well-being in Canadian cities. He also works as a tutor through the McGill Tutorial Service, and will be competing on the McGill Department of Economics' team at the Econometrics Game, hosted by the University of Amsterdam, in April.

Chinmay Sharma

Chinmay Sharma is currently a first year PhD student at the Department of Economics at McGill University. He received his Honours Bachelor of Arts (HBA) from University of Toronto and his Master of Specialized Economic Analysis from the Graduate School of Economics (GSE) at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Chinmay's interests include Applied Microeconometrics and has worked with microdata with applications to family economics, gender-wage inequalities and health economics. Chinmay is keen to explore the relationship between economic inequality and happiness this fall at the IHSP.

Mark Ouliaris

Austin Dunn

Austin is a 3rd year student at McGill studying Software Engineering and Music Technology. His interests are in sound design, web development, and music performance. He is from Maryland but grew up abroad in Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Georgia, and most recently Bangladesh. His international background is what sparked his interest in Professor Barrington-Leigh's study on global urban well-being and happiness, which he is currently working on as a programmer.

Ramya Muthukumaran

Ramya is an MA student at the Department of Economics, McGill University. Previously, she has completed a Master's in Media and Communications from the London School of Economics and Political Science, as well as a Bachelors in Visual Communications from MOP Vaishnav College for Women (Chennai). Her project is on using anchoring vignettes to analyse life satisfaction across countries. She is interested in understanding how subjective measures of well-being could contribute towards better policy making in developing countries.

Jung Hwan Kim

Jung Hwan is currently completing his Master of Arts in Economics at McGill University, and he received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Chinese from Emory University. Jung Hwan's research interests include Economic Development, Subjective Well-Being in East Asian countries, and International Economics. Jung Hwan is currently helping with the research project - jointly conducted by Professor Barrington-Leigh and Korean Development Institute - on measuring and explaining the Subjective Well-Being in South Korea. 

Former students

Katie Keyes

Katie Keyes is a U1 student pursuing a B.A. in urban systems and sociology. She is interested in healthy urban planning that facilitates social well-being. At the IHSP, she is surveying existing well-being measurements worldwide, with the end goal of aiding in the development of a measurement of well-being within Quebec.

Yu-Cheng (Greg) Chang

Yu-Cheng (Greg) Chang received his BA from Simon Fraser University in 2006 and is now completing his Masters degree in Economics at McGill University. His research interests includes social policy, health economics and development economics. Prior to starting his Masters program, Greg worked as a Junior Policy Analyst with Environment Canada looking at the issue of toxic chemicals in products. He also co-founded a branding agency that was recognized as the "15th Biggest Graphic Design Firm" in British Columbia. It was during this entrepreneurial period that he developed a deep passion for social well-being. His research at IHSP investigates how objective measures of health outcomes affect individuals' subjective well-being throughout their life cycle.

Ronald Ho

Ronald Ho is now in his final semester pursuing a major in Agricultural & Environmental Economics and a minor in International Relations. He has a huge passion for the studies of human well-being, environmental policies and international politics. He founded a new McGill student club called the Investment Bank of Happiness to advocate happy living and spark the discussion on well-being studies on campus and in the Montreal community. He is now conducting a longitudinal approach looking at the relationship between income inequality and happiness of one country.

Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee is currently in her U2 year at McGill and is majoring in Physiology with a minor in Economics. She developed a passion for understanding and measuring subjective well-being while she worked as a research assistant at the UBC Attentional Neuroscience Laboratory this past summer. There, she studied the cognitive causes of falls in seniors and explored the intersection of health and life satisfaction within the emerging senior population in Canada. This year, Jerry will be working with Professor Barrington-Leigh on the "Income Inequality and Happiness" project. She is excited to learn more about how economics and life satisfaction are correlated. On campus, she is an active member of the Physiology Undergraduate League of Students, the International Relations Students' Association of McGill, and the Montreal Brain Awareness Campaign. After graduation, Jerry plans to pursue a graduate degree in law.

Angela Zheng

Angela Zheng is currently doing a B.A. in Honours Economics with minors in Mathematics and Biology. Her interests are in environmental and social policy as well as climate change and energy economics. After completing her undergraduate degree, she plans on pursuing a graduate degree in economics.

Chris Thomas

Clare Devereux

Marc Jacquemond

Marc Jacquemond received a B.A from McGill University in Urban Systems and worked on the topic of Inequality and Happiness in Germany from 1984 to 2010 under Prof. Barrington-Leigh's supervision at the IHSP. His research interests include regional and urban policy, social policy and well-being studies. He will be studying regional and urban planning at SciencesPo and the LSE starting in September 2012.

Joaquin Kritz Lara

Joaquín Kritz Lara has recently finished his BA in Economics and International Development Studies (IDS) from McGill University. He is working with Professor Barrington-Leigh on the distributional impact of Quebec's cap-and-trade system on households, industry and the labour market. Having interned in the UN International Labour Organization (ILO), Joaquín has developed a passion for labour economics, which adds to his previous interest on climate change and market failure. As such, he is particularly interested in the relationship between climate policy and employment.

Katherine Wagner

Katherine is a first year student undertaking a Joint-Honors in Economics and Accounting, with a Minor in Environment. She is currently working with Prof. Barrington-Leigh on a project detailing the equity impacts of Quebec's newly implemented cap-and-trade system, a project that appeals to her interests in both economics and environment.