Living in such a placeless age, I find a strong need to seek out ageless places.

Tuan Luong with a large-format camera in the ValleySome pictures from some of my travels can be found in my photo album. Some of the images themselves reside in my graphics directory or my other graphics directory

o  I am a CANSI nordic ski instructor.

o  From spring quarter 1996 to 2000, I helped to teach the Stanford introductory and advanced wilderness travel courses, ("GES7a/b/c/d"), which place an emphasis on minimum impact ("Leave No Trace") ethics and natural history awareness in the context of living, climbing, and working in the field during all seasons. The courses are taught in the Geology and Environmental Sciences department. (Instructor Notes). I also looked after OEP's library and web site.

o I started a directory of climbers at Stanford when I was there, though it is no longer properly maintained. I and some others worked very hard to get a climbing wall built at Stanford (completed as I left). There are after recent efforts quite a number of outdoor organisations at Stanford, including the reestablished Stanford Alpine Club.

o  At MIT I have been closely associated with the MIT Outing Club, and spent much of my time there recreating outdoors instead of doing problem sets. I helped build MITOC's original (long since transformed) Web page.

o My Katadyn Pocket Water Filter has gone missing. It has my name/initials engraved on it in several places. Since there is no international registry of stolen Katadyn PFs, I'm listing its serial number here: 143847. This is the filter SN, visible under top screw. Please contact me if you come across this by any means.

o I am working on a page describing public transportation to and in the Sierra Nevada of California. Please send me contributions!

o  I have written a short piece on climbers and astronauts.

o  My (once) local (California) AAC chapter. .. My local ACC chapter

o The GMMC. Banff National Park. Jasper National Park. Climbing in the Rockies. Canadian avalanche [gopher] conditions from CSAC.

Montréal. Oh, I live in Québec now. But will I get out?