oI am fascinated by space exploration; here are links to The Planetary Society. For humankind's most amazing photos, check out the HubbleST page. To read Space News, you will need to register (but not pay).

Better, a new News about Space site has sprung up in Sweden. I believe in the space frontier vision.

o I spent the summer of 1996 (July to September) in Vienna attending the ISU Summer Session '96. I was funded by the CFISU and thus in some sense represented the Canadian space program; here's the Canadian Space Directory. I now belong to the Canadian alumni association for ISU. At ISU I worked on the Ra: The Sun for Science and Humanity project in the Space Physical Sciences department. We also, as an exercise, looked at a recent magnetic cloud event. Andrew Ball has an ~up-to-date email list of the '96 students on his Vienna '96 page. Here is Russia's IKI. Here is the page of the Tsiolkovsky museum! Tsiolkovsky was the father of human space travel.   The biggest revolution in space travel may come when the plans for a space elevator are realised.  This idea, which has only recently become feasible, is also due to a Russian, Yuri Artsutanov.

o I have written a short piece on astronauts and climbers.

o If you are interested in getting involved with a group of Stanford student space enthusiasts, put yourself on the majordomo@lists list "seds@lists". As of a year or so ago, there is finally a chapter on Stanford campus of the national Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) group.

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